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A New Dawn

2010-06-25 22:11:12 by paultimate

My desktop has finally been repaired and is capable of recording, so I've started doing some scratch work to get back to business. Mostly re-recording old songs because this caught me unprepared, with a dozen half-finished songs lol. So enjoy the rough mix of "You" that I'm posting.

A New Dawn

The new album.

2008-05-18 18:56:30 by paultimate

You've read correctly. A new album is in the works, at least for realease on NG, if not irl. A compilation of horrendous love songs. It may well be a concept album. The lyrics, of course, are going to either be bad enough to be considered a personal assault on poetry, generic enough to mock the hulking mass of love songs that swamp the entirety of music, possibly a satire of real people, or some combination. So don't expect any lyrical masterpieces here; that's not the point. And all of these songs are subject to a re-recording once I get a new amp or find some other reason.


2008-04-08 18:17:46 by paultimate

I smell something...folk-ey...


It's Done

2008-02-11 18:57:12 by paultimate

Red Legion is the best I can get it right now. I'm gona record another of the dozens of songs I've got lined up when I get time.

Attack of the Red Legion

2008-02-08 16:47:22 by paultimate

It's been re-recorded, but I want to find a better drum synth. I haven't gotten around to submitting it yet. It's probably going to be used in Sh0t-D0wn's An Easter Massacre Two.

Da Nuze

2007-12-03 18:38:42 by paultimate

Attack of the Red Legion awaiting audio approval.